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    Editorial Seix Barral, S. A.
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    Avda. Diagonal, 662-664, 7.a planta, 08034, Barcelona.

Brief Library Award 2020

With a wide history, the Biblioteca BreveAward, sponsored by Seix Barral España, is presented for the next year. After several years without taking place, from 1999 it was again delivered with the aim of awarding the best fictions in Spain and Latin America.

Seix Barral forged this award in 1958, and has since awarded literary voices that always showed the vicissitudes of the times depending on the time.

They have been awarded this award, books by writers such as Gioconda Belli, Carlos Fuentes and Mario Vargas Llosa, among others. Now, launch a new call for you. Yes, it's with you.

Who can participate in the Short Library award?

Authors of novels in Spanish. If they are not presented in Spanish, they must be translated. No additional requirements are presented.

The work, as well as the required documents, may be sent to Spain, Argentina, Colombia or Mexico, in each of the offices that Seix Barral has in those countries. They may also be emailed to

The addresses are:

  • Spain: Avenida Diagonal, 662-664, 7th floor, 08034, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Argentina: Avenida Independencia 1668, C 1100 ABQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Colombia: Calle 73, number 7-60, floors 7 to 11, Santafé de Bogotá DC, Colombia.
  • Mexico: Avenida Presidente Masaryk, number 111, 2nd floor, Colonia Chapultepec Morales, 11570, Mexico City.

Scholarship benefits

A one-time prize of 30,000 will be awarded. This sum will be taken as an advance of editing rights by Seix Barral.

The publisher will publish, exclusively, the winning work within one year of the award being awarded.

These are the requirements to apply for

Only one (1) work per candidate may be submitted. They may not have more than one hundred and fifty (150) pages, in DIN size A4.

Presentations may be made by traditional postal mail, in print and in duplicate. However, they can also be sent by email in Word or PDF format.

Each document must include the name of the car, ID or passport, place of residence and telephone number. Works may be submitted under pseudonyms; however, the actual data of the participant and the work to which he mentions must be sent by post.

Each work must be original and unpublished. It may not be a copy, in whole or in part, of any other work of the same author or of another. The author must specify his exclusive ownership of rights.

Nor should it have been submitted to other competitions. All this data will have to be entered in a scanned affidavit, which will be attached to the participation email.