2013 Mexican Government Scholarship for Pakistani Students, Mexico

Government of Pakistan has received offer of scholarship from Mexican Government. Nominations from Pakistan will be routed through Higher Education Commission.The Mexican government has offered scholarship to: Pursue studies for a Specialty, Master’s or Doctorate Pursue high-level doctoral research with tutorial at academic institutions. Conduct postdoctoral visits in academic institutions Study the Spanish language and Mexican Culture at the Foreign Student Learning Center (CEPE) of the UNAM-Taxco Campus.

-Have a Bachelor’s degree, master’s or doctoral degree according to the scholarship is requested -Have a minimum GPA of 8, on the last stage of study, scale from 0 to 10. If it is a different scale, it is essential submit their equivalence -Acceptance letter in the chosen curriculum where stating the duration and dates of beginning and end of the program, or record that is being processed, signed by an authority jurisdiction of the receiving Mexican institution, on paper letterhead and signed autograph -Comply with all requirements that the education institution top requests -Have the official nomination of his government, if scholarships academic -For mobility grants, you must have a letter of acceptance academic institution and receiving a communication issued by the home institution at which the credits are recognized educational materials or studies to be undertaken in Mexico -When Spanish is not the native language, attach proof of advanced knowledge of Spanish issued by a university or educational institution proving it -Return to their native countries upon termination of the Scholarship -In the case of the CEPE-Taxco, enrollment will be done by the Academic Exchange Directorate of the General Directorate for Cultural Affairs.

Scholarship Deadline: 30 August 2012

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