2013 Hiroshima City Scholarship for High School Student, Japan

The City of Hiroshima, Japan is offering a scholarship for a NZ student studying Japanese to take up the challenge to live and study in their city. The Scholarship is valued at $7,000 for a year programme student.Peace is the focus of this scholarship and the recipient must be willing to attend events and activities for Hiroshima City and also for the AFS Hiroshima Chapter. The winner will be decided by a team made up of City of Hiroshima members and the local AFS Chapter.

To be eligible for this scholarship students must: -Be a high school student aged between 15 and 17 years 11 months of age on 20 March 2013 -Be studying Japanese and be graded in the top quartile of your class -Have a keen interest in Japanese culture and language -Be capable of adjusting to the Japanese way of life -Not have any special dietary requirements and must be able to eat fish Meet AFS criteria and have a proven track record of exemplary behaviour

Scholarship Deadline: 1 October 2012

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