2012/13 International Dentist Program in Dental Medicine at University at Buffalo, USA

The University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine offers the International Dentist Program (IDP) for the internationally trained dentist who seeks to practice dentistry in the United States. The International Dentist Program is two years in duration, beginning in May with an intensive preparatory summer course. Graduates receive a DDS degree and are eligible to participate in the various licensure examinations given across the country. The School of Dental Medicine accepts 16-24 applicants to this program each year. Admission to the IDP program is highly competitive. Applications to the IDP program will be reviewed on a rolling basis, therefore early completion of the application is in the best interest of the applicant. Following initial review of applications, the IDP Admissions Committee will invite a number of applicants to come to the School of Dental Medicine for an interview, dexterity and case study testing. A personal interview is required for admission, but does not guarantee acceptance.

Graduates of international dental schools who have satisfactorily completed an academic program of study of not less than four years, culminating in a degree, diploma, or certificate in dentistry recognized by the appropriate civil authorities of the country in which the school is located, will be considered for admission to the IDP program. Applicants must have earned the dental degree and hold a final diploma prior to applying to the IDP program. Provisional degrees and certificates are not sufficient. Applicants to the IDP program may be foreign nationals, United States citizens, or Permanent Residents of the United States.

Scholarship Deadline: August 15, 2012

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