2012 Uppsala University offers PhD Positions in Materials Physics, Sweden

The PhD student’s main task will be to develop and use magnetic resonant reflectivity and also to combine this method with neutron reflectivity to probe the chemical and magnetic structure at a nanometre level. This work involves primarily development of analysis software (mostly in the Python programming language and the GenX framework) as well as data collection at national and international facilities with the subsequent analysis of the dataThe main task is the exploration of the influence of confinement on magnetic properties, such as ordering temperature, critical phenomena and dynamics.The mission is to understand the influence of composition and confinement on the hydrogen uptake in materials, utilising thin films and nanostructured materials.

The applicant is expected to have a Master’s degree in physics, or equivalent. Other important qualities are cooperative skills, willing to travel and have a practical touch since many of the experiments are preformed at large scale facilities. Excellent knowledge in spoken and written English is a demand, also Swedish knowledge (or willing to learn) is positively considered.

Scholarship Deadline: 2012-04-30

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