2012 Two PhD Student Positions in Astrophysics or Space Physics at Uppsala University, Sweden

The successful applicants should take up the position not later than September 2012. Are you interested in dynamical processes in young and old stars, the evolution of galaxies, the formation of chemical elements, the enrichment of the interstellar medium with gas and dust from giant stars, the formation of planetary systems, asteroids, comets, or how the solar wind affects bodies in the Solar System? Would you like to use satellite data to study space plasma near the Earth or Saturn and its moons, observe with the world’s largest telescopes, such as the VLT in Chile, analyse data from space telescopes, or model astrophysical phenomena with supercomputers? The Division of Astronomy and Space Physics invites applications for two PhD student positions. One of the positions (reference “Astro/Space Physics”) is financed by UppsalaUniversity, and the successful applicant is free to choose and define one or more research projects within Astronomy and Space Physics

To be eligible for a PhD student position you should have a basic university degree in physics, astronomy or astrophysics (at the MSc level) and fulfil the entry requirements for the PhD programme. The applicant’s ability to complete the PhD education will be evaluated. The final appointments will be made after interviews with a few top candidates

Scholarship Deadline: April 30, 2012

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