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2012 TWAS-CNPq Postdoctoral Fellowship for Developing Countries, Brazil

The following is additional information concerning the TWAS-CNPq Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme tenable in Brazil. It is an integral part of the information given here: TWAS Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research.TWAS-CNPq Postdoctoral Fellowships are tenable at research institutions in Brazil for a minimum period of six months to a maximum period of twelve months. They are awarded to scientists from developing countries (other than Brazil) to enable them to pursue postdoctoral research in the natural sciences.CNPq will provide a standard monthly allowance which should be used to cover living costs, such as accommodation, food and health insurance. The monthly stipend will not be convertible into foreign currency.

-Be a maximum age of 45 years on 31 December of the application year. -Be permanent residents in a developing country (other than Brazil). -Hold a Ph.D degree in a field of the natural sciences. -Be a regular employee in a developing country (other than Brazil) and hold a research assignment there. -Provide evidence that s/he will return to her/his home country on completion of the fellowship. -Not take up other assignments during the period of her/his fellowship.