2012 Student Training and Research in Tumor Immunology (STaRT) Grant, United States or Abroad

Through its Student Training and Research in Tumor Immunology (STaRT) Program, the Cancer Research Institute seeks to attract bright young minds to rewarding careers as cancer immunologists. STaRT Grants provide up to two years of support for graduate students conducting thesis research in the area of tumor immunology. A panel of scientists drawn from the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Council rigorously evaluates each candidate, the thesis advisor and training environment, and the nature and feasibility of their research.

-Applicants for CRI’s STaRT Program must be pursuing doctorate research directly related to cancer immunology. -Research must be immunology with direct relevance to solving the cancer problem. Proposals outside of this area will not be considered. -Applicants must be full-time graduate students who will be engaged in thesis research as Ph.D. -Candidates and who will have successfully completed all of their host institution’s requirements for advancement to candidacy by the time the award is activated. – At the time of application, students must have chosen their thesis project, lab, and advisor. -Students who have not yet chosen their thesis project and advisor, as well as those students in the 5th year or later of their Ph.D. program, should not apply. – As such, the award typically funds students in their 3rd and 4th years of graduate school. -Applicants must conduct their CRI-funded research under the direct supervision of their thesis advisor. -The applicant’s thesis advisor must hold a formal appointment at the host institution. – The training may be carried out in the United States or abroad. -There are no citizenship restrictions. -The Institute will only fund one (1) CRI-supported STaRT fellow per thesis advisor at any given time.

Scholarship Deadline: March 1, 2012

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