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2012 SAARC Media Fellowship for SAARC Countries, India

SAARC lnformation Centre has institutibnalized a SAARC Media Fellowship which will be awarded to the media persons of SAARC region. SAARC Media Fellowship Programme is meant for the young, mid-career journalists from SMRC region. The fellowships would allow them to take time off from their routine SAARC beats to research and publish articles/photos, essays on issues concerqing about regional cooperation and in turn to promote people to people to contact by writing feature stories on SAARC csuntries. The fellowship supports pursuit of in-depth, creative field research on these concerns and writing about them with adequate evidence qualitative and quantitative – to impact the public policy and the domain of social consciousness. SAARC Media fellowships will be awarded to the journalists who are writing on SAARC or covering lnternational issues in the rehowned D-aily Papers in the respective, Member Countries. The Students of Journalism and Officers Trainee while undergoing their initial training courses at National Media lnstitutes of the Member Countries would be encouraged to apply for the fellowship individually or in a group

-The fellowships are open to journalists working in any of the regional and national daiiies and associated media. - Freelancers frequently contributing to the prdss are encouraged to apply, , Early to mid-career status with 5 to 7 years of professional experience. -Upper age limit is 40 years. r Out of the five fellowships for print jouthalists, thlee would be awarded to journalists working in English newspapers. - The candidates should have a demonstrated commitment to a career in journalism and should have covered the issue in past.