2012 Research/Postdoctoral Position in Clinical Sciences at Lund University, Sweden

Applications are invited for a postdoc position at the Division of Dermatology, Lund University. The research project will focus on understanding oc the pathogenesis of wound infections, with a focus on chronic wounds, and the work will encompass in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models of inflammation and bacterial infection. Particular attention will be given to bacteria and other pathogenetic factors, and their interactions with inflammatory cells as well as various host defense peptides and proteins. For the animal studies, bacterial and inflammatory disease models will be utilized, in some cases in combination with readouts using the IVIS bioimaging system. The applicant will function in a team-oriented environment, and the work will include participation in other research projects in the group, as well as supervision of students.

The position is open for a highly motivated scientist with a background in immunology, TLRs and inflammatory pathways, wound healing, and knowledge of inflammatory disease models. To qualify, the applicant must hold a doctor’s degree. The applicant should have a good scientific track record with publications in internationally acknowledged journals, and have excellent knowledge of English (written and spoken).

Scholarship Deadline: 2012-05-02

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