2012 Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students funded by Douglas Bomford Trust, UK

The Trust exists to assist the development of agricultural engineering and mechanisation through support for outstanding individuals. ‘Agricultural Engineering’ is taken to include mobile and fixed machinery, buildings and structures, horticulture, forestry, amenity, drainage and water supplies, the environment, and various aspects of software and mathematical modelling. In summary, it includes all aspects of engineering as applied to the rural environment. Funding is available at postgraduate level for the A C Howard Award for production engineering within agricultural engineering and also discretionary awards for hardship cases.

Residency: Open to applicants from a range of countries. Applicants must have some connection with the United Kingdom through nationality, residency, or place of learning/registration. Other Criteria: To be eligible, individuals must: -Demonstrate a long-term commitment to the areas of concern to the Trust -Demonstrate that all appropriate sources of funding are being pursued -Indicate the benefits or outcomes that Trust funding will achieve both personally, and towards the overall objectives of the Trust -Demonstrate the ability and intention to achieve those outcomes

Scholarship Deadline:   There are two closing dates for submissions – 1st March and 1st July each year.

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