2012 Postdoctoral Position in Modeling Complex Social-ecological Interaction, Sweden

We are looking for a highly qualified post-doctoral researcher with extensive experiences in modeling Social-Ecological Systems (SES). A successful applicant will likely have a disciplinary background in either ecology, environmental sciences, or quantitative social science. The research will be conduced in close collaboration with a project team consisting of senior researchers, other postdocs, and phd- and master students; all with different disciplinary backgrounds. Both empirically driven studies as well as conceptual models will be developed. Choices of technical platforms and modeling approaches will, to some extent, rely upon a successful applicant’s previous experiences and the research questions at hand. It is of key importance that models integrate societal- and ecosystem processes and structures at a systems level. The research will, when applicable, be geographically focused on the Norrström drainage basin in the midst of Sweden. The development of the environmental/ecological components of the SES models will be conducted in collaboration with ecologists, geographers and climate modelers, and the social components in collaboration with social- and environmental scientists. The research will explore the following broad research questions (this is a non-exhaustive list)

Applications will be assessed based on the following criteria: -A proven ability to develop and make scientific use of explorative, deterministic and/or statistical models (including simulation models). =Analytical abilities, practical experience and knowledge of relevance for the project. – Ability to conduct research and to present research findings, as demonstrated by the development of peer-reviewed scientific papers. – The applicant’s personal references.

Scholarship Deadline: March 1, 2012

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