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2012 PhD Scholarships in Water and Wastewater Engineering at Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Reactive nanomaterials for water purification. The fellow will mainly work on the application of nanosized zero valent iron (nZVI) for treatment of abstracted groundwater pollution with chloroorganic chemicals, particularly with focus on trichlorethene. The work will quantitate the matrix interference from natural water solutes with the reactivity of nZVI and use this to select the optimal nZVI formulation. Then the design of an effective and safe treatment unit based on nZVI will be pursued. The design work will also investigated how the treatment unit can be integrated with a biological filter to degrade the dechlorinated degradation products of pollutants formed by the nZVI-reactions.

Resource recovery from wastewater. The fellows will work on various applications of micro-algal systems to recover resources from selected industrial and municipal wastewater. The research will focus on (i) developing innovative micro-algal systems in combination with bacteria-based treatment processes, (ii) assess cost-effective solid-liquid separation processes, (iii) assess the reuse the algal biomass; (iv) develop a mathematical model of the combined system.

At the date of appointment, candidates must have obtained a Master’s (M.Sc.) degree in engineering or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to the Master’s degree in engineering. A high motivation for research and solid written and oral communication skills in English are prerequisites of any successful application.