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2012 PhD Positions in Geophysics/Seismology at Uppsala University, Sweden

As a graduate student in seismology you will be a part of a research group which applies advanced data analysis techniques to develop models of earthquakes, the Earth’s internal structure, and the processes that are behind these. The seismology group operates the Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) consisting of 65 broad-band seismographs throughout Sweden. The group also uses 25 portable seismographs for temporary deployments in focused projects and is heavily involved in international research projects. Two presently active research projects include one emphasizing the mapping of lithospheric structure in the region around Fennoscandia with surface waves from earthquakes as well as from ambient seismic noise. Another one concentrates on the small-scale structure of the upper crust around volcanoes and geothermal areas in Iceland.

You must have a strong interest in research and an academic magister/master- or engineering degree, or equivalent, in geophysics, physics, earth sciences or a similar field (formally, four years of university study including a minimum of 1 year at advanced level are required). You should have a very strong background in general physics, mathematics and programming. Experience with geophysical work and/or advanced data analysis methods is an advantage.