2012 PhD Positions in Computer Science or Computer Systems at Uppsala University, Sweden

The Department of Information Technology holds a leading position in research as well as teaching at all levels. The Departmenthas about 200 employees, including 80 senior faculty and 80 PhDstudents. More than 3000 students are enrolled in one or more coursesannually. More info: www.it.uu.se.The ProFuN project is examining techniques to develop a platformsuitable for programming future wireless sensor networks and tools foralgorithms for supporting such a platform and its demostratorapplications. ProFuN’s goal is to provide a programming environmentwhere networks of wireless sensors can be programmed as an ensemblerather than individually. ProFuN adopts a holistic approach to sensornetwork programming and aims to demonstrate that sensor networks canbe programmed and employed efficiently taking into account the severeconstraints that such devices typically have (e.g., being devices withvery limited power, frequently failing sensors, mobility, and harshsecurity threats).

A successful candidate should have a Masterin Computer Science, Electrical or Computer Engineering orequivalent. Furthermore, it is desirable if the applicant has strongdemonstrated background in some of the following areas: computer andsensor networks, distributed systems and middleware, programminglanguages, embedded systems and formal methods. Good skills in oraland written English are required and it is advisable that these aredemonstrated by a diploma/master thesis written in English.The PhD positions are for a maximum of five years and includedepartmental duties at a level of at most 20% (typicallyteaching).

Scholarship Deadline: February 29, 2012

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