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2012 PhD Position in Medical Science, Research field Biomedical Radiation Sciences at Uppsala University, Sweden

The PhD position is placed in the research group that is focused on developing imaging probes for diagnostics of cancer. The focus will be put on radiolabeling of a new class of tumor-targeting proteins, affibody molecules. The goal of the project is to investigate influence of different labeling techniques on pharmacokinetics of affibody molecules and, in this way, on specificity and sensitivity of radionuclide molecular imaging. The holder of a PhD-student position shall primarily devote her/his time to own research studies. Other departmental work, such as educational or administrative can be part of the position (max 20 %). We are looking for the person who can perform project independently, but has a “team” attitude. At different stages of the project, studies will include radiochemistry, radioanalytical and in vitro assays, and in vivo studies. The research area is multidisciplinary and the applicant should be prepared to learn adjacent areas such as radiology, radiophysics, radiobiology, radiochemistry, radiopharmacy. The applicant should have degree of Bachelor of Science in Radiology, Biomedicine or Medical Sciences, and degree of Magister in Medical Nuclide Techniques or equivalent. At least half a year of laboratory experience in a research project is a requirement.

Strong merits would be experience in laboratory practice, cultivation of human cancer cell lines, and independent work with radioactive substances, including labeling chemistry. Very strong merit would be experience in labeling of scaffold proteins with indium-111 and/or technetium-99m and characterization of labeled compounds. The applicant must be eligible for PhD studies. Priority is given to those who are deemed to show the greatest aptitude for a successful completion of graduate studies.