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2012 PhD Position in ERC-Project SOCRATES at Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

The last two decades has seen an explosion in telecommunication bandwidth accompanied by an increased environmental footprint – the Internet traffic grows roughly by 60% per year, and already has a total global electric power consumption corresponding to a CO2 emission approaching 2.5% of the total emission caused by human beings (the same as the aviation industry). This project aims at developing an all-optical power-efficient communication scenario based on serial optical communications. In serial communications, fewer components will in general be used, and with ultra-short pulses, very high bit rates will become available. In this project we want to design network scenarios for optical serial multi-Tbit/s data and additionally build a 1 Tbit/s optical Ethernet scenario. We will develop ultra-fast switches for a variety of functionalities, enabling the building of advanced networks embracing Tbit/s serial data signals compatible with Ethernet data

Candidates may apply prior to ob­tai­ning their MSc degree, but cannot begin before having received it.