2012 PhD Position in Electronic Properties of Metal Oxides at Uppsala University, Sweden

Thin films of transition metal oxides exhibit a range of functional properties that are of interest for energy-related and environmental applications. Research on “green” nanomaterials for applications as electrochromic and thermochromic window coatings, gas sensors and photocatalytic self-cleaning and air purifying surfaces is well established at the Division of Solid state Physics, the Ångström Laboratory. The functional optical and electrical properties of the materials depend on the electronic structure and a better understanding of the electronic states is necessary for optimising materials for practical applications. The present project is intended to provide a fundamental understanding of basic material properties of oxide materials, thin films and nanomaterials of interest in the above-mentioned applications. The research will be carried out in collaboration with other Ph.D students working on applied problems and includes measurements and analysis of optical and electrochemical properties in order to elucidate the electronic density of states. The PhD project also involves studies of the electronic properties by X-ray absorption and photoemission spectroscopies through collaborations at synchrotron facilities, for example MAX-Lab.

The successful candidate should have a master of science in physics, material science or equivalent. Strong collaboration spirit and good communication skills in oral and written English are required. Skills in the Swedish language (oral and written) is a merit.

Scholarship Deadline: 30th of April, 2012

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