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2012 PhD Position in Ant Evolution at Biology Center, Czech Academy of Sciences

We are looking for a motivated student with biology background to join our international team focused on ecology and evolution of tropical ants. The PhD candidate will study phylogeography and population history of ants from Melanesia and South Pacific. He/she will use various genomic and genetic tools to study the origin and relationship of ant faunas in New Guinea and South Pacific islands. She/he will combine traditional population genetics methods with Next Generation Sequencing tools. The project will involve repeated research stays in laboratories in the US (Harvard Univ.) and Mexico, where the student will develop genomic tools.

- fluent English and ability to communicate with an international team – Master degree in biology – experience with laboratory techniques used in molecular biology (e.g. Sanger sequencing, microsatellite genotyping) – highly independent – experience with work in R, and/or basic programming skills (Perl, Python) is preferred – experience with genetic, bioinformatics, phylogenetic or biogeography research is advantageous