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2012 PhD Position for Life-time Studies of Li-ion Batteries at Uppsala University, Sweden

Li-ion batteries are today used in mobile phones, laptops and other portable applications. The Li-ion battery is a family of different chemistries and it is therefore possible to tune the chemistry for the application where it is to be used. The trend to today is either to go for low-cost materials for up-scaling the battery for automotives or large scale storage or to miniaturize the battery by the use of nanotechnology. This PhD project deals with synthesis and characterization of new materials based on tin or/and tin for the negative electrode of a Li-ion battery. The goal is to find a new structuring to combine high power and energy storage capacity while increasing the safety of the battery. Electrochemical characterization combined with different material characterisation techniques such as XRD, XPS, SEM and FTIR will be used. This project is a part of a cluster with KTH, AB Volvo and ScaniaAB sponsored by the Swedish Energy Agency.

The successful candidate should have a strong collaborative and communication skill and be self-motivated. Good knowledge on computers is desired. The candidate should have a Master or equivalent degree in Physics, Chemistry or Materials Sciences.