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2012 M.Sc Scholarship in Science and Technology for IDB Least Developed Member Countries, 2012

The Programme was launched in 1419 H/1998 named “The IDB M.Sc. Scholarship Programme” for Eligible Member Countries.The objective of the M.Sc. is to assist Eligible Member Countries in the development of their human resources in science and technology that are both relevant and necessary for their socio-economic development. The Programme is open only to students from the 20 Eligible Member Countries.

The Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria: -Be a citizen of any of an Eligible Member Country -Age not over 30 years. -Be a graduate in science/technology with a grade above Good in his/her academic career -Be nominated by an academic research institution of his/her country -Be determined to return home at the end of his/her studies -Not in receipt of another scholarship -Be medically fit and be willing to undergo medical tests after selection Applicants for Statistics, Demography and related disciplines such as Applied Statistics, Demography and Econometrics must meet the following requirements in addition to the above: -Be in possession of a B.Sc. degree or its equivalent in statistics or related disciplines -Must have a working experience of at least one year as statistician permanently employed by an institution in a member country -Be determined to return home at the end of his/her studies