2012 Irish Aid Fellowships for Postgraduate Applicants

Irish Aid Fellowships are awarded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and are targeted mainly at the countries in which Ireland has established development cooperation programmes: Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Timor Leste and Vietnam, plus the Palestinian territories. In Uganda, the Fellowship Training Programme addresses specific capacity gaps in Partner institutions within the sectors and crosscutting areas that Irish Aid Uganda is engaged. These sectors include Justice, Law & Order Sector, Education Sector, Local Government, Macroeconomics Private Sector Development & Social Development. The cross cutting areas are Gender, HIV/AIDS, Environment & Governance. Beneficiaries are supported to undertake higher-level education and training in Ireland or within the region.

To be eligible for an Irish Aid Fellowship, applicants must: -be a citizen of Uganda -be residing and currently employed in Uganda. -have achieved the necessary standard to be accepted onto a PG/MA course in a Higher Education Institute in Ireland or within  the region -have a minimum of three years work experience in development. -have identified a relevant college course in a Higher Education Institute in Ireland or within their own region. -be applying to commence a new qualification and not be seeking funding for one already commenced. -be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the development of their home country. -be able to take up the fellowship in the academic year for which it is offered.

Scholarship Deadline: 31st December 2011

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