2012 GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program, USA

The GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program is about developing Leadership, Community Involvement and Global Connections for a new generation of students.Funded participation in a seminar to develop leadership traits and skills as well as build networks to carry forth into your future career.The GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders program is tailored to meet the education goals of the regions in which it is offered. Application deadlines, requirements and procedures vary slightly in each region. Please make sure to review the region specific information by clicking your country flag above. When the “Apply Today” button appears, you can access the online application form through that link.

-If you are in your first or second year of study in Engineering, Technology, Business, Finance, Management or Economics and you are attending a participating university, then you could qualify for the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders program. -Because the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders program is tailored to meet the post-secondary goals, education needs and local conditions of each participating region, the specific qualification criteria vary for each participating country. -Select the region in which you will be attending university to find the the regional-specific application information you will need to apply for the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders program.

Scholarship Deadline: Canada- March 15, 2012, Hungary-March 5, 2012,Vietnam – April 30, 2012, South Korea- April 12, 2012, Romania- March 5, 2012, Indonesia- March 15, 2012 ,Thailand- March 15, 2012, Czech Republic – March 5, 2012, Poland- March 5, 2012

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