2012 Doctoral Studentship in Visual Arts at Lund University, Sweden

Malmö Art Academy has about 75 students and offers programs in Visual Arts at bachelor master and doctoral level. Malmö Art Academy is a creative and stimulating learning environment with high artistic and educational goals, and a strong reputation in the art world. Malmö Art Academy has an international profile with a broad international network. We have many students and teachers from other countries than Sweden. The holder of the position has a primary obligation to successfully fulfil the postgraduate (third cycle) education ending with a doctoral degree (PhD) in Visual Arts. The position is for a PhD degree, which implies that the total time of employment may not exceed four years of full-time study at the postgraduate level.

Basic entry requirements for PhD studies are: a degree at advanced level, courses to an extent of at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 at advanced level, or corresponding proficiencies acquired in Sweden or elsewhere. Eligible to be admitted is the applicant who has: – completed graduate studies in Visual arts comparable to 240 credits in the Swedish system in a study programme for visual artists or who has equivalent competence. – relevant artistic skills or who has a relevant connection to artistic activity. – presented a plan and aims for an artistic development work or research which was approved by an admission committee. – carried out such independent work that the applicant’s suitability for this part of the studies can be estimated. – been found to have the capability in general to manage the studies.

Scholarship Deadline: 2012-03-26

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