2012 Curtin University Completion Scholarships at Curtin University, Australia

The Curtin University Completion Scholarship Scheme is designed to provide financial assistance to Doctoral candidates during the final four months of their full-time thesis enrolment. Scholarships are tenable for a period of 4 months, during which time the student must complete and submit their thesis.

-be enrolled in a research Doctoral degree at Curtin University of Technology; -Students who initially enrolled prior to September 2000 must have been enrolled for not less than 3 and not more than 5 Equivalent Full-time (EFT) years; -or Students who enrolled from 1st September 2000 must have been enrolled for not less than 2 and not more than 4 equivalent Full-time (EFT) years. – be enrolled full-time during the award; – not be Curtin staff members in receipt of assistance (e.g. paid leave or teaching relief) from the University; -not already hold a Doctoral degree deemed equivalent to the educational level of an Australian Doctoral degree; -not hold a Completion Scholarship in conjunction with another scholarship with an annual stipend exceeding $10,000

Scholarship Deadline:

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