2012 Cambodia Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Nottingham, UK

The scholarship is for each year of the programme, subject to satisfactory progress, and is given once an application form has been completed. -The scholarship must be claimed within three months of registration on your course -The scholarship is given once an application form has been completed -It is your responsibility to declare this scholarship to your sponsor and to adhere to the terms and conditions of your sponsorship – if the terms and conditions of your sponsorship do not allow you to receive additional scholarships, you should not proceed with the application, by applying for this scholarship the University presumes that permission has been granted by your sponsor for you to receive the scholarship directly -If you are already receiving a full tuition fee scholarship from The University of Nottingham you will not be eligible to receive the Cambodia Undergraduate scholarship as a cash alternative -The non-competitive scholarships are processed during the first term and, due to the high volume of claims, they will not be completed until the end of the term – if the whole of the tuition fee has been paid in order to gain the early payment discount a refund will be made by our Tuition Fees Office.

Available for students who are a national of (or permanently domiciled in) Cambodia AND are classed as an overseas student for fee purposes AND register on a full-time Foundation or full Undergraduate Degree programme at Nottingham in 2012 – any subject area (excluding Medicine and Veterinary Science)

Scholarship Deadline: 27 July 2012

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