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2012 Call for the Master2 Scholarships in Mathematical Optimization, France

In the framework of the Gaspard Monge program for optimization and operation research (PGMO, sponsored by EDF R&D), the Jacques Hadamard Mathematics Foundation (FMJH) is offering one year scholarships for talented students applying to a second year (M2) of one of the master programs in mathematical optimization offered by one of its member institutions (Université Paris-Sud, ENS-Cachan, Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA).The stipend is 10,000 euros per year. Laureates won’t have to pay any tuition fees and will benefit from the French health insurance system (Sécurité Sociale). For foreign students: the FMJH will support travel expenses (one round-trip ticket, economy class from your residence). The FMJH will also provide french courses and assistance at the arrival in France. The FMJH will try, as much as possible, to provide housing in students dormitories (the cost will be directly deduced from the scholarship).

-The scholarships are open to all students who have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics (or related to mathematics) and who have or will have completed the first year of a Master or PhD program in a foreign or French academic institution during the academic year 2011-2012. -The enrolled students have to register in the second year (M2) of a Master program in optimization, uppermost in one of the FMJH member institutions. -The scholarships are open to all students. The selection process will be based on the academic quality of the transcript and recommendation letters, as well as on the matching of the student personal interests and of the PGMO goal of developing mathematical optimization.