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2012 BYU Undergraduate Scholarships at Brigham Young University, USA

Brigham Young University offers scholarships to select students, who have demonstrated a serious and diligent commitment to academic excellence, as an investment in their education. Scholarships funds are provided through tithes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and offerings of generous friends of the university. They are given to encourage continued commitment to spiritual and intellectual growth. The gift of a scholarship assumes an obligation on the part of the recipient to use that investment wisely to prepare for expanded and purposeful service in the Lord’s kingdom.

-The Financial Aid Office will only award scholarships to undergraduates who have fewer than 180 credits (credits counted include all earned hours and all current enrollment at the time of the main scholarship consideration, and include AP and IB credit). If you have 166-179 cumulative credit hours, you will only be considered for one semester of funding. -Incoming freshmen international students (with less than 24 transferable credits) are required to provide an ACT or SAT score to be considered for scholarships. Incoming transfer international students (more than 24 transferable credits) will not be considered for academic scholarships.