2012 Asthma Research PhD Scholarship, Australia

Scholarship holders receive a stipend of $23,728 which is currently exempt from taxation. Other allowances may be provided by reference to the APA Guidelines.When submitting an application for a scholarship a candidate must name an experienced investigator who is prepared to act as his or her supervisor, draw up an outline of the proposed research and make preliminary arrangements with the institution in which the work will be carried out.

1.1 The Foundation seeks applications fr om university graduates wishing to undertake a PhD in a research area relevant to asthma. 1.2 Research may be in the basic medical sciences, clinical, psychological or consumer investigation and must be carried out in an approved tertiary education institution. 1.3. The relevance of the research to asthma will be the fundamental criterion for a successful application. The Foundation is particularly interested in supporting research relevant to the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of asthma. Research focus could also include social policy research associated with social, emotional and financial aspects of the disease and of disadvantaged groups. 1.4 Scholars must be enrolled as a student at an approved Tertiary Education Institution within NSW and work should ordinarily be carried out within NSW. 1.5 The work will not be planned or supervised by Asthma Foundation NSW. 1.6 Scholarships are tenable for one to three years, or pro-rata equivalent (two to six years) for part-time scholars. 1.7 The value of the Scholarship and the conditions offered are informed by the Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) Scheme 2010 Guidelines. The Foundation and its Research Advisory Committee will refer to those Guidelines to assist in resolving any issues relating to conditions that might arise. 1.8 Applicants must be Australian citizens or hold Australian Permanent Resident status.

Scholarship Deadline: 30th November 2011

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