2012 Asthma Foundation Queensland PhD Scholarship, Australia

The Asthma Foundation Queensland has been providing services to people with asthma since 1964. Our vision and values are based on an absolute commitment to over 500,000 Queenslanders with asthma, their families and carers. The Foundation has been supporting research into asthma for over 45 years and has played a major role in helping to develop one of the world’s leading asthma research communities to help find a cure for asthma, improve asthma treatment and provide better asthma management techniques. Research expenditure over these years is in excess of $3.2 million, with $800,000 being distributed in the last three years. The program has produced results that have contributed to the overall understanding of asthma in medical and lay circles throughout the world. A fine example of this is the “Doubling daily inhaled corticosteroid dose is ineffective in mild to moderately severe attacks of asthma in adults” research project headed by Dr Glenn Rice-McDonald. The findings of this project have led to changes globally. The Foundation takes pride in its history of achievement in asthma research and we acknowledge the efforts of our dedicated researchers.

1 Applications must be relevant to the field of ASTHMA and linked conditions research. 2 It is intended that the AFQ PhD Scholarship will provide salary and incidental support for a postgraduate student who is undertaking full-time research for a PhD in an area of research relevant to ASTHMA and linked conditions. 3 The awarded scholarship will be for one year in the first instance, but will be extended for a maximum of three years upon receipt of satisfactory half yearly progress reports. 4 To qualify, projects must be undertaken within Queensland at an institution approved by the Foundation eg a university, teaching hospital, research institute, etc. 5 Only applicants about to commence a PhD are eligible to apply for the AFQ PhD Scholarship. 6 There is no requirement on the scholars to perform work of any kind for the Asthma Foundation Queensland as a condition of the scholarship. 7 However, there may be occasions where the Foundation may require require the scholar to make presentations e.g. the donor functions, the Annual General Meeting, etc

Scholarship Deadline: 4 November 2011

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