2012 Ada Wells Memorial Prize at Massey University, New Zealand

The prize is awarded for an essay the subject of which involves the exposition of some subject chosen from literature having reference to social ideals. The subject of the essay shall be prescribed from year to year. Details of the topic for a particular year may be obtained from the Registrar. Candidates are recommended to keep their essays within the limit of 3,000 words. The three examiners, appointed by the Academic Board, shall give equal weight in their decision to the value of ideas expressed and the literary qualities of the essay. The value of the prize shall be determined by the Council, and one-fifth of it shall be spent on books, to each of which, where appropriate, a suitable bookplate shall be affixed; the list of books chosen to be submitted to the Professor of the subject concerned for approval. The essays shall be sent to the Registrar no later than 5.00 p.m. on 30 September

Is open to all undergraduates and all graduates of not more than three years’ standing.

Scholarship Deadline: 30/09/2012

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