2012-2015 China Scholarship Council and Macquarie University Joint Postgraduate Scholarship at Macquarie University, Australia

Maquarie University (MQ) in partnership with the China Scholarship Council (CSC) will jointly offer a number of postgraduate research scholarships for 3 years full time PhD research in 2012-2015. These scholarships are worth $25,000 pa in living allowance, plus tuition fees. Successful candidates may commence their PhD at Macquarie University from July 2012, subject to confirmation of CSC approval and support. MQ Priority Areas of Research Macquarie University is keen to promote joint MQ CSC scholarship applications for PhDs at MQ in the following Centres of Research Excellence (CORE) areas: Communication and Information Technology Agriculture Life Sciences and Public Health Material Sciences and New Materials Energy and the Environment Engineering Ancient Cultures Animal Behaviours Astronomy and Astrophysics Biomolecular Frontiers Climate Risk Cognitive Sciences Earth and Planetary Evolution Ecology and Evolution Emotional Health Financial Risk Language Sciences Lasers and Photonics Legal Governance Neuroscience, Vascular Science and Surgery Quantum Information Science and Security Social, Cultural and Political Change Social Inclusion Wireless Communications

-Candidates must be citizens and permanent residents of the People’s Republic of China at the time of application; -Candidates must not be currently working or studying abroad (outside China); -Successful candidates must return to China upon completion of their studies and/or research; Candidates must hold a conditional offer of enrolment subject to the CSC award. -They must also fulfill the entry requirements of MQ, including a high level of English language proficiency; Candidates must comply with the Australian Government’s English proficiency requirements for the issue of a student visa. -Candidates should check those requirements with the nearest Australian diplomatic post or the relevant website -Candidates should be intending to pursue a postgraduate research degree in one of the priority academic areas identified by CSC or one of MQ Concentrations of Research Excellence (CORES).

Scholarship Deadline: 31 January 2012

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