2012-2013 WIT International Scholarship for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Students, Ireland

The International Student Scholarship is available only to international students who are commencing an undergraduate or postgraduate programme at WIT for the first time. A maximum of ten awards may be made annually, on an ex-quota basis with not more than four new awards being made annually in any one School. Applications must be renewed each year. Value The International Student Scholarship will provide for a reduction in tuition fees of up to EURO 1,500 for one academic year for Undergraduate progarmmes and one year Higher Diploma programmes and up to EURO 2,000 for Postgraduate programmes.

-The scholarships are open to international students only (Non-EU). -You must meet all of the following criteria: -You intend to enroll on one of the above programmes This is your first undergraduate and higher diploma progamme, or postgraduate enrolment at WIT in Ireland You have average result 75% in previous examinations You have a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent. -If you are currently enrolled as an international student at WIT, please refer to our High Achievement Scholarships web page

Scholarship Deadline: June 30th of each year

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