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2012-2013 Master and PhD Scholarships for Ghanaian Students, Ghana

The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs provides a large number of grants to international students. A quarter of the grants are awarded by the ministry’s offices in Paris (e.g., grants under the Eiffel and Major programs. The rest are awarded by France’s embassies. Information on all French government grants is available from the culture and cooperation service of France’s embassies and consulates general.

-40 years maximum for a PhD and 35 for a Master degree . -French proficiency is not a necessary condition to apply.  For Master Degrees, non-francophone students can apply to a wide-range of Programmes taught in English.  For PhDs, students can do their research and write their thesis in English. Mastering of French is nevertheless an asset.  Pre-departure courses: There is a French department in each of the three main universities, where students can master survival French. Level A2 of DELF exam is reccommended.