2012-2013 IBM Herman Goldstine Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences, USA

The Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences Department of the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center invites applications for its 2012-2013 Herman Goldstine Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship for research in mathematical and computer sciences. The fellowship provides scientists of outstanding ability an opportunity to advance their scholarship as resident department members at the Research Center. The Research Center is located in Westchester County, less than an hour north of New York City.

Candidates must have received a Ph.D. degree after September 2007 or should expect to receive one before the fellowship commences in the second half of 2012 (usually in September). The fellowship has a period of one year, and may be extended another year by mutual agreement. The stipend is expected to be between $95,000 and $115,000, depending on the length of experience. An additional allowance for moving expenses will be provided.

Scholarship Deadline: Jan 8, 2012

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