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2011 Short-term Grants for PhD Students in Information Structure at University of Potsdam and Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

There are six short-term grants (max. 1 year) for PhD students available in the Integrated Graduate School of the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 632 Information Structure at the University of Potsdam and Humboldt University Berlin The grants are meant to enable PhD candidates with an interest in information structure to carry out some of their research in the Collaborative Research Centre, which has played a prominent role in the international research on information structure over the past 8 years. Of particular interest to the research centre are PhD candidates from outside Germany and/or with a focus on lesser-studied non-European languages that will help to extend the cross-linguistic coverage and will ideally help to build up stable cooperations with the applicants’ home universities. The research center also encourages candidates from German universities with a migrant background to apply.

-Candidates are expected to hold a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Linguistics and have a research focus on information structure from a theoretical (syntactic, phonological, semantic), typological, diachronic, variationist, computerlinguistic or psycho/neuro-linguistic perspective, which is ideally manifest in earlier research activities in the form of presentations/ publications or a carefully worked out plan for a dissertation project.