2011-2013 The International School of Tianjin Scholarship, China

The purpose of the scholarship program at IST is twofold: first, it provides an outstanding educational opportunity each year for a limited number of current IST students of exceptional talent who are experiencing clearlydemonstrated financial need; and second, it provides that same opportunity to a limited number of non?IST students of exceptional talent in order to enrich the overall quality of both our student population and our IB Diploma Program. This latter group may or may not have financial need. Description and Value of Scholarships The IST scholarships are awarded for a period of up to two years to students about to enter 11th grade. The following scholarships are offered: – Full scholarships: equivalent to the cost of all tuition and capital fees for grades 11 and 12. -Tuition scholarships: equivalent to the cost of tuition only for grades 11 and 12. -Bursaries: equivalent to half the cost of tuition fees for grades 11 and 12. IST scholarship students will benefit from an outstanding education in their final two years of school. Students who successfully complete the two?year program will be awarded the IST High School Diploma. IST is an InternationalBaccalaureate (IB) World School, and students have the opportunity to earn the full IB Diploma, which is highly regarded by competitive universities worldwide as an entrance qualification.

Who is Eligible to Apply? Students of all nationalities are invited to apply for an IST scholarship. Current students at IST with demonstrable financial difficulty are welcome to apply. A strong command of written and spoken English is essential. It is the policy of the school that a family cannot receive more than 1 full scholarship at any given time. Students with other family members currently receiving scholarships may not be offered scholarships for the full two years of the award.

Scholarship Deadline: Monday March 14th, 2011

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