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This fact brings you the opportunity to adequately compare the available scholarships so you can apply to the one that best suits your needs and your personal situation.

Our Scholarship Directory

There are many public and private organizations that actively participate in the offer of scholarships for young students.
We have organized the scholarships by countries so that you can find what is available both in your country, and in the countries to which you would be willing to go to study.
We hope that the international scholarships offered by these companies and organizations will help you fulfill your dreams and promote your chances of studying.

Identify your situation to find the best scholarship for you

Finding the perfect grant to help pay for college takes high research time and constancy.

Can you talk to your teachers to get information on how they see your academic career? This can be very beneficial to identify your strengths when standing out among other candidates for a scholarship.

Be aware that a scholarship is free money to study, so the competitiveness to achieve one of them is high and most of them are based on academic merit. Be prepared!

The best way to see if you’re qualified for a particular scholarship is to start knowing yourself, your status as a student and your academic interests.

You will need to focus on the grants that you can be chosen. If learning languages is not one of your strengths, you should focus on the scholarships the organizations offer within your country or the countries where your language is spoken.

Some scholarships are based on academic merit, others involve additional work to be done in the organization that promotes them and others may be based on the economic capabilities of your family.

The most important information you should know is that many organizations, both public and private, have an economic amount to invest in students who have some kind of difficulty to access their studies and are waiting to listen to you.